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7:00PM (PT) PDT? PST? Whatever it's pacific time, 10PM in NYC

With the holidays approaching, it’s time to prepare to eat… a lot. With that in mind, we’re going to be talking about my favorite apéritif cocktail, the Negroni: a bitter, sultry mix of Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari that’s perfect for stimulating the digestion and the wit before an epic meal.

As usual, we’ll be talking a little bit of history as we mix (what‘s the link between this essentially Italian cocktail and the turn of the century cattle ranches of North America?), as well as exploring some interesting variations on the classic recipe along with noteworthy cousin cocktails. So break out the Gin, Sweet Vermouth (make sure it’s a fresh bottle), and Campari and join me in a drink!


Sweet Vermouth
good ice
a festive spirit

Suggestions: We'll be using both Plymouth and St. George Botanivore Gins. Sweet Vermouth: Dolin Rouge and Carpano Antica formula. Apertif bitters: Campari and Gran Classico, as well as bourbon, rye, dry vermouth and Cynar (all for cousin cocktails). It's also essential to have a couple of nice, thick-skinned oranges on hand and a zester/peeler.

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The Michael Jack Pazdon Show

The Michael Jack Pazdon show brings you monthly chats about cocktails, culture, history and taste from a boozy perspective. Look out for word about what we’ll be mixing in the next installment and pick up the ingredients to mix along at home.