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Event Starts: 
2:30PM (PST)

The Tweet House is returning to the Napa Valley Film Festival #NVFF!

The #NVFF Tweet House this year will be even more action-packed and star-studded than last year! BE SURE TO LOG IN LIVE AND SEND YOUR TWEETS @ToutSocial #NVFF for the panel!

The afternoon includes entrepreneurs, analysts, bloggers, industry executives and filmmakers talking about the latest and greatest happenings in the digital convergence that is defining the 21st century celebrating the Real-Time Web and Twitter’s pervasive role within it and bringing together those who are creating and evangelizing the technologies that are defining the future, like ToutSuite!

The Tweet House is where Silicon Valley and Hollywood converse, cavort, and converge.

2:45 – 3:15pm
Social Campaigns that Work: Lessons from the Wine Industry
Speakers: Jim Sullivan
Given the hyper-competitive nature of the wine business, it’s essential that participants take full advantage of the opportunities offered by social engagement. The winning strategies and tactics used by the more successful players in the field provide lessons for anyone who wants to enhance their visibility, customer satisfaction, drive sales and evangelize their brand. In this session we will discuss the best tools and techniques for creating campaigns that get results.

3:20 – 4:00pm
Is Silicon Valley grabbing the Torch from Hollywood?
Speakers: Barry Schuler
It’s no secret that the sands are shifting constantly and dramatically in the world of entertainment, film, and video. Between the global move to mobile delivery, democratized content creation, IP and patent litigation, file format battles, and a myriad of other accelerants and friction points — it’s clear that the way we create and consume media is undergoing dramatic transformation.

No one understands the opportunity (and turmoil) in this space better than VC Barry Schuler. In his role as CEO of America Online Inc., he was a key player in the merging of AOL’s digital distribution channels and Time Warner’s traditional content business. His current role as managing director of the Draper Fisher Jurvetson Growth Fund has him funding and working closely with some of the most successful players in mobile and social media.

In this panel, Barry will be talking to entrepreneurs in the content and delivery space about what the future holds, and who is best poised to win (and lose) in the years ahead.

4:10 – 5:00pm
The Age of Context: How the Convergence of Social, Mobile, and Big Data are Defining the Future
Speakers: Robert Scoble
Authors Robert Scoble and Shel Israel will discuss their latest book, “The Age of Context,” emphasizing how the convergence of 5 forces — social, mobile, sensors, big data, and mapping will affect community building and management.

Maker Info
2012 Napa Valley Film Festival

5 Days. 4 Villages. 12 Screening Venues. 100 Films. 100+ Wines
Napa Valley Film Festival showcases the best in new independent filmmaking and world cinema. Our vision is to build community around the art of visual story-telling, with the viewing of films and discussions with filmmakers fueling lively conversation amongst old and new friends … and those conversations being enriched with the world-class food and wine of legendary Napa Valley.
The Napa Valley Film Festival takes place on the second full weekend of November each year. This period represents mid-fall and the tail end of Napa Valley’s gorgeous harvest season. The festival runs from Wednesday evening through Sunday night – what we like to refer to as an extended weekend, the best kind.
Each year’s festival includes the following core components:
100 new films (narrative features and shorts, documentary features and short subjects, world cinema, student shorts).
250 or more visiting filmmakers (directors, writers, actors, producers) and industry executives… presenting their films, engaging in Q&A sessions with audiences, and participating in interactive panel discussions.
A handful of sneak previews of Oscar-worthy end-of-year studio releases for the exclusive enjoyment of our Napa Valley audiences.
One or more Tribute(s) to notable film industry figures for outstanding achievements in Directing, Acting, Producing.
Juried and Audience Awards in a variety of categories, presented to our winning filmmakers at an Awards Ceremony on Closing Night.
Screening venues clustered in walkable Festival Villages in the towns of Napa, Yountville, St. Helena and Calistoga.
Food & Wine-Tasting Pavilions in each Festival Village.
Exclusive epicurean adventures for Festival Attendees and VIP Guests